Corporate Raiders

4-5 players    10 mins to learn    30 mins to play    Ages 10+

The Virtue of Greed

It's time to make money. Lots of money.

Welcome to the world of Corporate Raiders, where you are the CEO of an aggressively growing company, looking to get filthy rich before the end of the fiscal year!

In Corporate Raiders, there are a few companies on the table that have more employees than they know what to do with. Each round you'll send your employees to visit these companies, in an effort to steal their employees away and make you more money. Corporate raiding has never been so easy!

But beware: You're competing with other CEOs at the top of their game. Ones who are fully prepared to make some enticing offers.

You'll need greed to win. Now get out there and hustle!


Corporate Raiders is on Tabletop Simulator!

For those of you that are already familiar with loading Steam Workshop games into Tabletop Simulator, you can now play the prototype (no-art) version of Corporate Raiders from the comfort of your computer! Click here to Subscribe/Download and click here to get the full rules in a clean PDF format.


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